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Award winning, Oscar Shortlisted, London based Music producer | Songwriter | Film composer | Sound Designer | Label Owner Pete Boxsta Martin

News and Updates

Pete is based at Studio A at the Matrix Studios in Parsons Green London.

Studio A is one of London's premier studios, with 5 rooms in total, the studio has 3 production rooms an artist lounge and 2 live areas for recording . Previous residents include Fraser T Smith and Jeremy Wheatley.

A.I art project for Pusher 

Created with the incredible artist and Ai designer Scholastic Rodent @instantcran, Pete wrote this piece which will feature on Pusher's new compilation Obsura. The track contains break through, never before used music technology that Pete is developing. Watch this space for more details on an upcoming plugin release. 

Current Syncs

Screenshot 2022-07-16 at 12.29.20.png

Pete has just completed the trailers for Sam Mendes' new movie "Empire of the light"  as well as Showtime's |"The First Lady", "The Batman" starring Robert Patterson and Zoe Kravitz and done the new Mac campaign for Black Panther's Wakanda 2.