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Globally released - Sync tracks

Movie Trailers 

The Woman King - Sony


The Batman - HBO

Ferarri - Neon

Empire of Light - Searchlight

Sympathy for the devil - Universal

See how they run - Searchlight

The First Lady - Showtime


Where the crawdad sings - Sony Films 

Mayans M.C -FX Network 

We own this City HBO -

Night in paradise - NetFlix 


Dope Saint Jude

Inventing Anna - You’re gonna make it 


Renault Twingo - Grrrl Like 

Apple TV - Dickinson - Grrrl Like 

Kipo (Dreamworks/ Netflix) -  Grrrl Like 

Kipo (Dreamworks/ Netflix) - Didnt Come to Play

McDonalds - Grrrl Like Advert

Twenties (BET) - Didnt Come to Play 

Blood & Water (Netflix) - Grrrl Like


Blood & Water (Netflix) - Liddy 

The Wilds (Amazon Prime) - Grrrl Like 

Between the World and me (HBO) - Didnt Come to Play 

The Game Awards - Who I am

Misty XQ Challenge Tiktok - You’re gonna make it

Blood & Water (Netflix) Season 2 - Go High Go Low

Globally released tracks - Cowrites and produced


2009- 2022

As Boxsta

James Arthur 2022 - New Blood

Jason Brock - Hate [Mix, additional prod]

As Lo Nir, Lone and Off L - LoFi Heres fo Platoon and Apple Music

As Bears

KYO - Upcoming Single

Abisha - Upcoming E.P 

Anna Wolf - Upcoming E.P 

Dalton Harris - Upcoming album 

Luena - Upcoming E.P 

Michael Rice - Upcoming E.P 

Dope Saint Jude Upcoming E.P 

Bears - Upcoming E.P 

Donel - Planets [Universal]

As Boxsta

Nicole Dash Jones

Lego [Co-written]

Carousel [ Co-written and Produced]

Marshmello feat. James Arthur and Juicy J [Sony]

Cry on my shoulder [Co-produced]

Machine Gun Kelly feat. James Arthur​ [Universal]​

Go for broke​​​ [Co-Produced]

Maeve [Indie] 



Tokio Myers [Syco] #1


6 tracks on Our Generation.​

Alex Hepburn [Warner.Bros]

10 tracks on

upcoming album produced

J Danna [Universal]]



Future bubblers [Brownswood]





James Arthur [Sony] #1




If Only

Marina - On my way

[Co-written written/Prod/Mixed]

Golilox [Sony]

[Written/Add Prod/Mixed]


Leah McFall [Indie]#1



Happy Human

Bottle it

Colours at a funeral


Loyal Love


Arrow Benjamin [Universal]


10 tracks in production


Lula Beggs


10 tracks in production


Ross Jack [Sony]#1


Running Late 

Fear the rush


Gold Plated


Blow feat. Lula Beggs

Mali Music - Chi- Raq Soundtrack


Sit down for this


Miss V


10 tracks in production


Mini Lovelle [Instrusion]


Holes In My Suitcase





Binome Project [EMC records]




[Add Prod/Mixed]


Amber [Crown Music]




12 Tracks in Production


Cassy London [EMI]




Carousel - Written/Prod/Mixed


Moya [Sony]




3 Tracks in Production


Cleopatra [First Turn]


1 Track in Production


Miss V [Universal]




12 Tracks in Production


Ross Jack - (EMI)#1




TV’s in The Swimming Pool

Blame it on Me

Home Safe feat. Kat Winter


Piece of Mind


Danny K - Good Look [J23]#1




Feels So Good

Brown Eyes


To Life

So Fresh

Dance the Night Away


Anakyn feat. Fabio Lendrum


Love is Blind - Co Production


Jessie J#1


Daley feat. Jessie J - Remember Me - Prod/Engineer

Tracks in Production


Paper Crows - [Warners]


9 Tracks


Chiano Sky - [EMI]




Home Sweet Home

Uncrumple My Heart

Live Out Loud


Murray James - [Warners]


In the City - [Written]


Timbaland/Missy Elliot - [Ministry of Sound]


Get Involved - Remix


Alexandra Burke - [Sony]


Devil In Me - [Written/Prod/Mixed]


Roll Deep#1


Share the View - [Written/Prod] 




3 Tracks in Production


Baptiste Giabiconi - [Be1st Music]#1


11 Tracks in Production


Encore - [Universal]


1 Track in Production


Sugababes [Universal]


1 Track in Production


T Lace


1 Track in Production


Ruby Goe - [Universal]


In Production


Clement Marfo and the Frontline - [Warner]


Survivor - [Written/Prod]


EJ - [Sony/Phonogenic]


7 Tracks in Production


Ed Drewitt


2 Tracks in Production


Boxsta Sliide Album - [Ramshackle]


11 Tracks in Production




11 Tracks in Production


Frequent People


10 Tracks


Stevie Hoang - [Mercury]


1 Track


Master Shortie - [Jive]


2 Tracks in Production


SPD - [Sony BMG]


Not a Love Song - [Written/Prod/Eng]


Christophe Willem - Caféine - [Sony BMG]#1


Coffee - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]

Trash - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]

J’aime Tout - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]

Dansez - [Prod/Eng/Mixed]

Croquer La Pomme - [Prod/Eng/Mixed]


2007 - 2008


Scoregasm V1 [Extreme]


Alan Meyerson’s Hollywood Movie Trailers - [Prod/Prog]


M.Pokara - [Universal/M 2 tha P]


Through These Eyes - [Prod/Eng/Mixed]

Talk S**t About Me - [Prod/Eng/Mixed]


Room 2012 - [Universal]


No You Can’t Stay For a Coffee - [Co-Written/Co-Prod]


Natalia Kills - Movie Soundtrack - Bring it on 2


Swaggariffic - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]

Shopaholic - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]


Filly - [ATC] - Introducing Sliide




Club Stamp 


In Your Face feat. Doctor 

Spin That 


Sliide feat. Verbs/Master Shortie/DA and SupaT 

Elevator feat. Verbs

Movie Love

Take Your Time on Me


Like a Glove feat. Master Shortie


Marcus F - [Sony/BMG]#1


How Come You’re the One - Written


Nate James - [FunkFro/Universal]


Back 2 U - [Written/Prod]


Sugababes - [Universal]#1


Denial - [Add. Prog]

(New Album Out Soon)


Monrose - [Universal]


Rebound - [Written/Prod/Eng]


Gareth Gates - [Universal]#1


Angel on My Shoulder - Written


Ricki Lee - [Shock]


Can’t Sing a Different Song - [Written/Prod/Eng/Mixed]


Tarkan U.S Remix




Aman Aman feat. Wycleff and Filly 

Bounce feat. Malverde and Filly

Who’s Gonna Love You Now feat Miri Ben Ari 

Just Like That


Come Closer

In Your Eyes



Archive Releases




Alesha - Alesha [Universal]


Everybody Wants to Rule The World - [Additional Prog.]


Trinity Stone [Sony/BMG]



Move a Little Closer - [Prod/Eng]

One for My Lover - [Prod/Eng]


Tarkan - Come Closer [Universal]


Just Like That - [Written/Prod/Eng]

In Your Eyes - [Written/Prod/Eng]

Mine - [Prod/Eng]

Over - [Written/Prod/Eng]

Shh -[Add. Prod/Eng]

Bounce - [Written/Add. Prod/Eng]

Come Closer - [Add. Prod/Eng]

I’m Gonna Make You Feel Good - [Written/Prod/Eng]

Mass Confusion - [Add. Prod/Eng]


Margaret Berger - Silver Fairy [Sony/BMG]


Lose It With You - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Silver Fairy - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Naive - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Seek and Hide - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Girls - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Pretty Things - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Justine [EMC Records]


Que Veux Tu Que Je Fasse - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed


Leslie [EMC Records]


L’envers De La Terre - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Danny K - This is My Time [J23/Gallo]




Shorty feat. Whistle Jackets

1 Night feat. Whistle Jackets


I Love You feat. 2XL - Prod/Eng/Mix

All About You

1000 Sorry’s

Knock Me Out feat. Pro Kids

I Like Yo Style feat. HHP - Prod/Eng/Mix

Separate Lives

This is My Time feat. Terri Walker - Prod/Eng/Mix

Real Man

Outtda Control 

Clothes Off feat. Buckshot

Everything About You

It Doesn’t Matter


Jamali [EMI]


Yours Fatally - Written

You Got Me - Written


Willy Densey [EMC Records]


Mon Royaume - Prod/Eng/Mixed




Big Brovaz [Sony BMG]


Yours Fatally - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed


Nate James - Set The Tone


Said I’d Show You - Add. Prod

The Message - Add. Prod

I’ll Decline - Add. Prod

Get This Right - Writ/Prod/Eng


Sweety [EMC Records]


Non Merci - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Carmen Reece - [Hed Candi]


You Got Me - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Dannii Minogue - Neon Nights [Warner Bros]




On The Loop



It Won’t Work Out




Brand New Heavies - All About The Funk [One Two Records/Hed Candi]




What Do You Take Me For


It Could Be Me


How Do You Think


Sandy [Cheyenne Records/Universal]


Unexpected - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed


Mandoza & Danny K [J23 Records/Gallo]


Music - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed


Catwoman (Film) [Warner Bros]


Beat Remixing and Music Production - Catwoman Soundtrack 




Sugababes - Three [Universal]


Whatever Makes You Happy - Writ/Prod


Juliette [Sony BMG]


Only Uh-Uh - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed


Danny K - J23 [J23 Records/Electromode/Gallo]


I Could Love You - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Beautiful - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Murder - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Love In Da Club - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Soopadoopa - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

How Can I Be - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

I Can’t Imagine - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Sunshine - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Back In My Life - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Sugababes - Angels With Dirty Faces [Universal]


Freak Like Me - Alt Radio Mix/Video Mix - Add. Prod/Mix


Shola Ama - Supersonic


[Add. Prod/Eng/Mix]



My Name Is

Blood From a Stone

B 2gether feat. Jason Jermain


101 - 101 [EMI]


Who’s It Gonna Be - Prod/Eng/Mixed

When I’ve Got You - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

What If - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Improvise - Prod/Eng/Mixed

Can I Come Over - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Got To Be Sure - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Rewind - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

If Anyone’s Changing - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

Kiss Me - Prod/Eng/Mixed


Vanessa Amarosi [BMG]


Melbourne Girl - Prod/Eng/Mixed





Danny K - Danny K (J23 Records/Electromode/Gallo)


‘You Don’t Know My Name’ - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Getting Down’ - `Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Hurts So Bad’ - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Cheatin’ - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

’Senorita’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Boom Boom’ - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘I’m Yours Tonight’ - Prod/Eng/Mixed 

‘Getting Down’ Remix - Co-Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed



Deep Evolution - (Electromode)


‘Higher’ feat. Mdu - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Happiness’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Living My Life’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Down’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Good Life’ - Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Going Back’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed



TK - TK (Electromode)


'Eject Yo Ass' - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Sweet Love’ - Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Leaving My History’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Mind Yo Biz’ (Boxsta Remix) - Prod/Eng/Mixed

‘Drowning In Heaven’ - Writ/Prod/Eng/Mixed



Tima Reece - (Electromode)


‘Crazy About You’ - Writ/Prod/Mixed

Heading 2

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